We are a busy lot! Fundraisers, featuring on Attitude TV, and winning awards - our team are putting themselves out there showing everyone what they're made of!

Recycle South News

Disability Support Invercargill

Selected as finalist in the 2021 Attitude Enterprise Award

The Attitude Enterprise Award celebrates an employee or an entrepreneur with a disability. Through their efforts or initiative this person/persons has helped shape a positive view of disabled people in the workforce.

We are so proud of you both!

Recycle South formerly SdE

Southland disAbility Enterprises has rebranded to Recycle South

While our name and look is changing, our business model, vision, and values remain the same. The passion we have for enriching the lives of those living with disability through offering meaningful employment and personal development is still very much the heart of who we are.   


In the Media

Hamish talks recycling

In this podcast General Manager, Hamish McMurdo, talks about some common misconceptions when it comes to recycling.

Hamish talks recycling

Hamish McMurdo, General Manager, talks about the initiatives to recycle farm plastics with Recycle South.

On Sunday 3rd November 2019, SdE featured on Attitude TV (TVNZ 1) with a show called “My Perfect Family”. For Mary-Ellen Joyce & Neville Clode, it’s much more than
just a workplace - it’s an extended family.

My Perfect Family: Southland Lockdown Awards Night is the highlight of the social calendar for a vulnerable workforce at Southland Disability Enterprises. But with
Covid-19 escalating the glamorous evening is not all that might be lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Recycle South?
Recycle South is Southland disAbility Enterprises Limited trading as Recycle South.

Who manages Recycle South?
Please refer to our people page.

Do you employ anyone with a disability?
This depends on the level of physical disability (we are quite a physical work environment) and whether or not you receive the supported living benefit.
Someone with a disability needs to have been disabled longer than six months. The ability to work at Recycle South also depends on the level of supervision required for an individual. Please note we may not be able to provide an appropriate level of supervision for every individual. Anyone with a disability who wishes to work at Recycle South must be able to independently perform their own personal care.

Can I trial a workplace at Recycle South?
The first step is to contact our People & Capabilities department to make an appointment to see if Recycle South is the right place for you.

Do I need to be vaccinated to either work or visit Recycle South?
Yes, under our obligations to MSD, everyone must be boosted and display their vaccine passport.

Am I required to wear a mask entering the Recycle South premises?

Are you a Charitable organisation?
Yes, we are a registered charity and not for profit business.

Can I donate to Recycle South?
Yes, the donation page can be found on our website (
We appreciate any donations to our charitable organisation. Should you require a receipt for tax purposes, please email

Can I make a bequest?
Yes, the bequest page can be found here on our website. Again, we appreciate any donations to our charitable organisation. Should you require a receipt for tax purposes, please email

Bank and finance details
Our finance department contact is Our bank account number for all payments is: Kiwibank 38-9011-0684103-00. Please be sure to identify who you are paying and what for.

Do you recycle TV’s?
Unfortunately, we do not recycle any screens. These should be taken to the transfer station.

Do you recycle computers?
We recycle computer towers, ipads, phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Unfortunately, we do not recycle computer screens.

Is there a cost to drop recycling into Recycle South?
Yes, there is a cost for many items, so please refer to our website under ‘Pricing’.

Do you recycle printers?
Sorry, we do not recycle printers. Please try returning them to the company who supplied them to you.

Do you recycle metal?
We recycle most metals. Please report to our factory door and ring the bell for attention. We are particularly interested in receiving aluminium cans and household tin cans. Please ensure these are washed out.

What types of plastics do you recycle?

We recycle 1’s, 2’s, 5’s & 6’s. These are LDPE, HDPE, HDPP, PET and polystyrene (not styrofoam). The types of plastics typically in these categories are clear film, coloured film, shopping bags, milk bottles, ice cream containers, fizz bottles, janitorial bottles, etc. Please ensure that you have checked for a recycling label on the container and have washed out the container out. Please keep all your containers large (unsquashed) and remove the lids.

Do you accept paper?
Yes, we accept mixed paper. We prefer office paper to be separated.

Do you accept cardboard?
Yes, we accept all forms of cardboard. Flattened please.

When can we bring our bale wrap in?
We accept bale wrap and other ag plastics all year around! You can bring your bale wrap, silage covers, HDPE plastic drums and agricultural containers to our further processing plant located at 218 Branxholme Makarewa Road, Invercargill. Please DO NOT drop your bale wrap and other farm plastics to our Ettrick St location. We can only accept your farm plastics at our Makarewa location.

Will there be a cost to process my bale wrap?
Yes, there is a cost to process your bale wrap and agricultural plastics.
Bale wrap and silage covers - $1.00 per kg + gst
Ag containers - $0.15 per kg + gst.
HDPE Plastic Drums - Free under the Agrecovery’s take back programme 

How shall I bring my bale wrap in?
We prefer that you bring your bale wrap to us stuffed inside fadges, bulka bags or Plasback bags, and we will weigh you in on our weighbridge.

What condition does my bale wrap need to be in?
We prefer that your bale wrap is free of debris, organic matter and netting. We would also appreciate it if the outer and inner linings are separated.

What happens when I arrive to drop my bale wrap off?
We will collect your customer information (hopefully, you already have your customer form filled in) and weigh you in on our weighbridge. Once weighed in, we will direct you to where you can pull up so your bale wrap can be offloaded by one of our team.

My bale wrap is muddy. Is that okay?
We don't mind a bit of dirt if we can hose it off. But excessively contaminated wrap can't be processed.

Do you accept silage covers?
Yes, we do! We ask that you cut these into 3m wide strips for ease of handling and separate the outer from the oxygen layer. 

Do you accept bulka bags for recycling?
Yes, Recycle South accepts clean bulka bags for recycling.

I'm not from Southland, where can I drop my bale wrap and silage covers?
We have a secondary drop off location for farmers at the Waitaki Resource Recovery Park, 42 Chelmer Street, Oamaru.

Do our containers have to be clean?
Yes, all agri containers have to be triple rinsed in line with industry standards.

Does Recycle South dispose of residual chemicals?
No, Recycle South does not have the facility to dispose of residual chemicals.

What sort of agri containers does Recycle South accept?
We accept 20 - 200 litre drums, drench containers, bloat aid containers, teat spray containers, agri spray containers. Please remember that all these containers must be triple rinsed. These must be taken to our further processing plant located at 218 Branxholme Makarewa Road, Invercargill. Please DO NOT drop these to our Ettrick St location. We can only accept your farm plastics at our Makarewa location.

Bale Wrap Fundraiser

We have received $200,000 in donations from our fantastic community. All further donations will be greatly received, reduce our borrowing and secure your preferential processing. 

Contact Us

Recycling Facility

Address: 28 Ettrick Street, Invercargill
Phone: 03 214 6188
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 4.30pm

Further Processing Plant

Address: 218 Branxholme Makarewa Road
Phone: 03 211 0069
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm