Bale Wrap

That’s a wrap on what to do with bale wrap!

Farm bale wrap waste

Recycle South genuinely recycles your bale wrap, cut-to-size silage covers, plastic drums, and LDPE and HDPE farm plastics right here in Southland.

We are giving New Zealand farmers a solid and cost-effective option for getting agricultural plastic waste off the farm. We processes your agricultural plastics into recyclable plastic resin for a new environmentally friendly lease of life.

We are also accredited Fonterra recyclers.

Processing cost
Processing of bale wrap and silage covers is $1.00 per kg + gst.
While agricultural containers are $0.15 and plastic drums that fall under the Agrecovery take back programme are free of charge.

Need to know how to prepare your product for recycling? Take a look at our drop off etiquette.

Are you in North Otago? You can drop your bale wrap and silage covers to Waitaki Resource Recovery Park, 42 Chelmer Street, Oamaru.

Have some questions? Check out our FAQ's.

What you need to know


All bale wrap and agricultural plastics are to be dropped off to our further processing plant located at 218 Branxholme Makarewa Road. Open Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm for drop offs.
Bale wrap should be stuffed loosely in fadges, bulka bags or Plasback bags. You don't need to roll or fold the product.

Cut silage covers cut into 3m wide strips and separate the oxygen and outer layer.

Colour sort your bale wrap. Separate white and green wrap from purples, blues and blacks.

Large loads by appointment and strictly one load per customer. No mixed farm loads unless by prior arrangement.


Farm rubbish
Organic matter
Metal (wire etc)
Large clumps of dirt
PVC Tape (sealing holes)
Small PP bags (calf feed etc)

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We have a form for first-time customers to complete in order for you to drop your bale wrap off to us. Want to save time? Download and complete the form before you come to see us.

Dropping off your bale wrap in a fadge or bulka bag? We can replace them with an empty one for you to refill and return to us again.

We may charge an additional $400 + GST per tonne on any contaminated product discovered after the customer has left. We cannot process bale wrap or silage covers in an unacceptable condition.

Processing Costs

Over the past 18 months, Recycle South has successfully demonstrated the feasibility of cleaning and recycling farm plastics within our region by successfully processing 600 tonne of bale wrap to date.

Processing bale wrap and silage covers (excluding drums that fall under Agrecovery’s take back programme), is $1.00 + gst per kg.

Shown to the right, is the current breakdown of the costs involved in processing bale wrap and other agricultural plastics. 

In time, we hope to reduce the cost per kg. This is heavily dependent on volume and the hygiene of the product we receive that can be recycled. 

Ag Plastics Price List

bale wrap recycling with Recycle South

Processing of Bale Wrap and Silage Covers


Bale wrap - loose or stuffed in fadges, bulka bags, or Plasback bags and colour sorted.
Silage covers - cut into 3m wide stripes.

$1.00 per kg + gst

Ag container recycling New Zealand

Ag Containers


Drench containers, bloat aid containers, teat spray containers, agri-spray containers.
Triple rinsed and with bung/lids removed.

$0.15 per kg + gst

HDPE Plastic 20 – 1,000 litre drums


There is no cost to drop off HDPE drums that fall under the Agrecovery take back programme.

Note: These need to be kept separate from your other ag plastics as they are weighed separately
at the weighbridge. 

Other Services

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Bale Wrap Recycling

That’s a wrap on what to do with bale wrap! If you’re burning, burying, storing, or ignoring silage wrap, we have the solution. 


It is really important to keep e-Waste out of our landfills because they can contain hazardous materials.

Contact Us

Recycling Facility

Address: 28 Ettrick Street, Invercargill
Phone: 03 214 6188
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 4.30pm

Further Processing Plant

Address: 218 Branxholme Makarewa Road
Phone: 03 211 0069
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm