Bale Wrap

That’s a wrap on what to do with bale wrap!

Farm bale wrap waste

Recycle your Bale Wrap

With the donations of our incredible community, Recycle South will have a brand new machine for processing bale wrap waste and agricultural containers. We will be able to efficiently process this by product so that it can be repurposed. We expect this service to be available from the middle of 2022.

Please make sure all wrap is as clean as possible, free of debris and mud, and does not have any netting. All bale wrap needs to be packed into fadges or bulka bags.

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Bale Wrap Price List

Bale wrap recycling

Processing of Bale Wrap

Initial special of $100+ GST per tonne (approximately 10cents per bale).

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Bale Wrap Recycling

That’s a wrap on what to do with bale wrap! If you’re burning, burying, storing, or ignoring silage wrap, we have the solution. 


It is really important to keep e-Waste out of our landfills because they can contain hazardous materials.

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